Internet Resume Posting

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You need an edge in the competitive job market!

How will you stand out amongst all the others?

How will you get the attention of potential employers?

Resume Promotion

Get the word out!
The key is how you promote yourself and your skills on the internet.
Internet resume posting includes getting your resume listed in a myriad of internet sites related to the type of career, job or employment opportunity you are seeking. This includes listing your resume in career related resources, databases and websites dedicated to the field you are interested in.

Resume Marketing

We can also create a small website about you, and then use our skills with internet promotion, to get that site found by the very people who are looking to fill positions in their company.
This site will emphasize your skills, history, education etc., and enhance your reputation on the internet.
You can also use this site to talk about your life, hobbies, family or even include a blog.