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Google Local

Are you being found locally in Google?
Google Maps and Google local business listings are essential to your online success. If someone is searching Google for the type of services/products you offer in your town, city, state, or area, and you're not listed, or not listed well (not optimized), then you are losing out on a valuable resource that will make you money, and bring you business.

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Google Plus (Google+)

Google+ is a social networking site from Google.
It is an awesome tool for businesses and companies to not only tell customers about their latest products, services, and news, but also a way for business to interact with customers in a fast and meaningful way. It is a quicker and more efficient method of addressing customer concerns and questions, without using up your other resources such as phone, direct mail, email etc.
Not only will Google+ make interacting with customers more efficient, but it is also a low cost way to advertise your company. In fact, it's free.

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords - Your ad will be prominently placed in Google search results, and can also be placed on other websites: whenever someone clicks on the ad, they come to your site.
Our AdWords team are experts at producing effective ads, determining your best performing keywords, and managing your campaign. We'll monitor your AdWords campaign on an ongoing basis, and make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck!

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Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?
This Google service will help you analyze your website traffic.
Not only can you see where your traffic is coming from, but also what keywords are used, unique traffic vs. returning visitors, a graph which shows daily traffic, your bounce rate and more.

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Google Adsense

Google Adsense - placing Google ads on your site: whenever someone clicks on the ads, you make money.

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Google Shopping

If you sell goods, it is extremely important to have all your products listed on Google Shopping. This feature is extremely popular, as it allows people to search the web for a certain product, best prices, descriptions etc.
Take advantage of it, and you will see your sales grow!

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Google Video & YouTube

Do you have a company video that no one gets to see?
Get it found on Google Video and YouTube in a matter of minutes...and show the world what you got!

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Google also offers other cool tools and gizmos including Google Webmaster Tools (understanding and improving your site) » Google Drive (uplaodng your files to the cloud) » Google Play Store (android apps, games etc.) » Gmail (email program) » and more.

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