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Submissions to relevant and specific links that are related to the type of service/product you are offering. This includes submissions to databases, directories, resources and websites that correlate to your specific industry. Link building also includes submissions to Social Media (including social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.). This part of website promotion is key......especially since Google, Yahoo and Bing all place a heavy emphasis on the number of QUALITY links pointing to a site.


Individual pages will have separate Titles, related to the specific keywords of that page. Creation of meta tags will include separate Description and Keywords for each individual page of your site. This will allow your site to be found in the search engines with a multitude of keywords, not just a few.


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'Tweaking' of the actual text on your site, as it is very important that the text contain the proper keywords that relate to your particular service/product, and how people are using the search engines to find your particular type of service/product.